Welcome to Gaffa USA.

We are a non-profit group of happy people that helps kids and adolescents with autism to be happier and to feel more included in society.

What makes us special

Gaffa is a support group that looks into the involvement, interactivity, and communication between families and their children with autism or any other special need.

A project in which through the work of its volunteers, has the goal to reach the development of children into society.

This can be done with physical activities, music, art, painting, and other extra activities such as picnics, musical presentations, and other events.

With Love

We believe in the development, learning, and socialization of children with autism and special needs.


It is important to not give up, and believe in the possibility of growth every day.

About Our Vision

The group was founded in November of 2017 and is known today as Gaffa USA Inc. With the help and support of many parents, we were able to share with each other experiences, ideas, information, and giving and receiving the support families need in related situations.

The work of our Organization is aimed at targeted assistance to children and their families assistance events and programs.